Training for a global standard of food safetyCaroline

Jan 5, 2013

Training for a global standard of food safety

Many of the accreditation schemes used by food manufacturers have training as an integral or fundamental element of the audit, for example, section 7 of the BRC audit.

Although the requirements are not always too onerous it can be one of the most contentious part of the audit due to the 'open-ended' nature of the questions posed by auditors?

Often as part of the audit visit a colleagues' training record will be requested and this very often is more likely to be the case for those people who are responsible for critical control points.

What does the auditor want to see beyond the normal breakdown of role, job description and responsibilities?

These are some but not all of the points that could be requested:

  • Individual signed and dated training records.
  • Title of course and duration.
  • Formal training course and job requirements.
  • Health and safety assessment and operator responsibilities and understanding.
  • What to do when it goes wrong ie when metal is found on the metal detector.
  • The qualifications of the colleague(s) who has provided the training elements.

This is a major undertaking for any business and a big investment in time and effort to not only control and keep training up-to-date but also to establish and maintain essential records.

Added to the above is the need to monitor and provide feedback for colleagues but also, answer the next big challenge of 'competency review'

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