HAZARD PERCEPTION USING INTERACTIVE VIDEO For food safety training assessments Contact Us Have A Go
EFFECTIVE AND ACCURATE ASSESSMENTS Method gives intuitive responses Contact Us Have A Go
ASSESSMENTS 100% RELEVANT Use video taken in your own factory Contact Us Have A Go
FEEDBACK FOR LEARNERS & RESULTS RECORDED For enhanced learning & identify future training needs Contact Us Have A Go

Hazard perception using interactive video for enhanced food safety training.

clickLearner – Innovative and Easy to Use!

The clickLearner tool can provide you with a visual, relevant and appealing solution for effective training assessments. It is based online and you have complete control of your activities. You take your own videos, create your online assessments and review and download your results at a time to suit you.

Why not "Have A Go" at our domestic food safety challenge to get a feel for the tool?

clickLearner – An online assessment system using hazard perception testing

Would you like a more engaging training assessment tool that accurately tests the understanding of your learners?

Would you like a tool which is 100% relevant and visually engaging for your learners?

Why not use clickLearner as your online assessment system for food safety training evaluation, competency assessment and training needs assessment? Download our brochure now.


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