Competency ReviewCaroline

Jan 27, 2013

Competency Review

Suppose in a perfect world there was no need for competency review BRC v 6.0, section 7.1.5? Because people didn't forget, didn't have bad days, you had lots of time to train, could answer questions, demo the full process and factories were quiet and still.

Then training verification wouldn't be important?

Compare this to reality, noise, stuff ongoing all around you and the bit of equipment you wanted but the engineers got there first and its broke and production need it back because they haven't completed the orders, new staff have been sent today by the agency and you wonder if they are here tomorrow let alone next week?

I could go on, how much better to have a means of capturing understanding of training without any need to prepare and complete records and forms?

Or you could follow what the BRC suggests:

  • One-to-one appraisals
  • Team peformance monitoring
  • Review of results of internal audits
  • Review of records

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