How It Works

  • Let's have a chat

    We would love to show you the clickLearner tool and the benefits it could offer you. How can it help to improve the outcomes your current activities or overcome the challenges you face? We will show you the system in detail.

    As a clickLearner client, your training assessments or research would be hosted on your own branded sub-site of the clickLearner website.

  • Create your online challenges

    A challenge is the name we have given to the actual assessments and research activities which are created online.

    • Firstly, you take a video of the research scenario or the procedure to be assessed, including incorrect procedures or events which you would like your respondents to react to.
    • The video is edited (by you or assisted by clickLearner) to make sure all of the events required are included and you upload it online to your hosted site.
    • You complete your online challenge set up, by identifying the position of the events in the video.
    • You can create the feedback outline (images and wording) which users will receive immediately after they have completed the challenge.
    • We can add survey questions before and after the video challenge, if relevant.
  • Challenges are completed

    You can add any number of users to the system. You can upload single or multiple users and then simply allocate the challenges to relevant users. The challenges can be completed on tablets or PC’s in a location suit you. The respondents will be asked to interact with the video by clicking on the video to the events which have been set up. At the end of the challenge, the respondents get immediate feedback and you can give them the option of repeating the challenge.

  • Progress and results

    You can review the progress of the challenges at anytime. Results, by individual / group, are available for immediate download.

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